Common Sense Internet by Verizon

Who it’s for:

Rural customers with no access to cable internet.

Those in cable areas who suffer from unreliable and/or expensive service from their current provider.

Those who appreciate having direct contact with and in-person service and support from local professionals.

Folks who would rather not get locked into long-term service contracts and/or high initial cost for equipment.

What it is:

Internet service provided through Common Sense Technologies, using bandwidth provided through Verizon Wireless and their recently expanded 5G Ultra-Wide and 4G LTE coverage. 4G LTE has a wide coverage area; 5G Ultra-Wide is only available in areas with a strong Verizon signal. We can tell from your address which coverage is available for you.

4G LTE and 5G Ultra-Wide is for you if …

Photo of a computer workstation with laptop, keyboard, and wide monitor.You need internet service for general use:

  • Streaming TV and movies
  • Work-from-home use
  • Web browsing, including social media and YouTube
  • Email
  • Home schooling over internet

And you’re okay with in person support only from 9:30 – 5:00, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Photo of a blurred TV screen in the background, with a hand holding a remote control in the foreground.Unlimited 5G Ultra-Wide service will be best if …

  • You’re a serious HD and 4K streaming video fan
  • You need speeds comparable to cable service
  • You have a gamer in the house
  • You need round-the-clock technical support

How to get it:

Come in to our store at 3022 East Van Buren (right next to Metal Feathers!), and we can help you decide on your best option.