Other Services

In addition to Verizon wireless service and phones, HughesNet satellite internet, and DISH TV, we offer:

Do you have “dead spots” in your WiFi?

Your WiFi signal degrades (read: gets really weak) the further you are from your router. We can fix that! Line drawning showing how the WiFi signal fails furthest from the router

WeBoost is our awesome cellular booster!

There are locations in our rural areas where cell service just isn’t quite what we’d like it to be. The WeBoost cellular booster can amplify your cell signal and improve reception.

WeBoost logo

WeBoost cellular boosters are AWESOME!

HughesNet Business Services for your business internet needs

You can’t run a business these days without reliable internet service. HughesNet offers exactly that: a more robust internet service for your business’s needs, AND static IP addresses are available!

Note! This includes business continuity services!

Remember the last time someone cut the cable and your internet went down … for hours? How much business did you lose because you couldn’t accept credit cards – only cash?

Don’t let that happen ever again. The low monthly fee for HughesNet business continuity is more than recovered by the business you’ll retain next time your cable service goes “poof.”

HughesNet Business Solutions logo

HughesNet high-speed business internet support

Home Phone Connect from Verizon: wireless phone service for your home

Just plug your existing phone into the Home Phone unit, and you’re off and running.

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