About us

We have a vision of a world where people create, sustain, and enjoy heartfelt, soulful connection.

Our mission is to provide the technology and technical support that enables our customers to create and nurture connections with their families, friends, and the world around them.

People want to do business with us because of the safe, loving atmosphere at the store – and, of course, because of our professional knowledge. We guide our customers wisely to make the best technology choices for their situation and their needs.

We’ve been a thriving member of the Northwest Arkansas community since 2003, and we are proud of our reputation for local, friendly, professional service.

Our team

Arthur Bruno

I’m the store founder and owner, and I’m proud to say that we’ve been in business and thriving since 2003. I live locally with my wife, Grace, our fun-loving golden doodle Bonnie, and our cat Flicker.

I’m glad to be an intermediary between complex and often confusing technology and my customers, helping them navigate an ever-changing maze of satellite internet, television, and cell phone choices. I enjoy the challenge of helping to make sense – Common Sense! – of this fascinating technological landscape. And it’s meaningful and touching to me that I’ve gotten to know so many people throughout the years. Our store is a well-known part of the community, and that’s important to me.

Dustin Whittemore

I’ve been here at Common Sense Technologies since April 2017.

I’ve been a martial artist since November 9th 2006. It was a very big day of my life, so I’ll always remember that date! By taking multiple arts at once, I’m proud to say I’ve earned two third-degree and four second-degree black belt rankings. (The rankings go up to tenth degree. I’ve still got work to do!)

Through the martial arts meditations, I’ve learned self-confidence as well as self-control. I love technology, but I know many people find it frustrating, and when that happens in the store, I don’t take it personally. Instead, I try to find common ground and compassion for their situation, helping them understand the problem and how to fix it. Arthur calls it my “Zen approach”!

I live here in Eureka Springs, I have two kids, and all three of us love to play with Arthur’s dog Bonnie!

Bonnie Hope

Hi! I’m Bonnie, and I’m a happy, fun-loving girl! My mom is a golden retriever, and my dad is a standard poodle. They taught me to love people – and to love playing ball, as you can see in my picture!

I also love meeting new people in the store when I come to work with Arthur. My humans remind everyone that I’m in training to be a therapy dog, so they don’t want me to jump around and jump up when someone comes to say hello to me, but I get so excited, I can hardly help it!